Description of the Rocket Plow Method.

Rocket Plow Method for PE pipes, steel pipes and ductile iron pipes up to Ø 355 mm.

Unlike the installation plow method, the Rocket Plow (designed by Frank Föckersperger) has the pipe mounted directly to the expansion body (rocket) so it can be pulled into the void this rocket is generating. The expansion body establishes voids reaching a maximum size of Ø 500 mm. Therefore, PE pipes up to OD 355, steel pipes and ductile iron pipes up to DN 200 can be pulled in. With the help of the chute mounted to the expansion body, additional cables and warning tapes can be installed. Using the Rocket Plow Method, the 200 – 300 m long pipe is laid out behind the launch pit and pulled in by the Rocket Plow. The traction forces affecting the pipe are monitored using a measuring device.