Our application range is versatile.


The plow method is especially suitable for installing pipes in rural areas where great installation lengths are required. Shorter sections and pipelines through rough-to-run terrains can also be plowed in without any problems. Installing pipes through steep slopes or undercrossing small inshore waters (with a top water level of 1.20 m) present no technical problems for the plow due to its construction with universally adjustable plow arms. The gentle application of the Frank Föckersperger Plow Method is very economical, even for installations beneath groundwater level.

Our method works perfectly in displaceable soils. Even coarse grained soils with large stone and rock fractions can easily be plowed with the Frank Föckersperger Pipe and Cable Plows.
Plowing –in of: control, telephone, fiber optic and power cables, cable protection pipes, drinking water, sewer and gas lines.

Further application areas: wind farms, photovoltaics, fermentation plants, surface collectors, irrigation lines.