Description of the FRANK FÖCKERSPERGER Method

Installation Plow Method for cables and pipes up to Ø 250 mm.

With the aid of a cable winch, the plow is pulled by an all-terrain WinchTruck which is equipped with a support shield. Four plow arms, individually adjustable in all directions, and rubber tyres regulated by hydraulics, help the Pipe and Cable Plow to get through rough terrains. The plow blade is inserted at installation level of the cable or pipe in a launch pit at the starting point of the plow trace. Driven by the cable winch’s tractive force, the plow blade displaces the soil and clears any stones within the embedment area, at the same time smoothing the trench bottom with the horizontally and vertically mobile installation chute attached. This working step generates a void, ready for stress-free laying out of the cable or pipe in the required depth. The Pipe and Cable Plow can install several pipes, cables and warning tapes in one go.